State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF)

MISSION:  Working together with families and communities for children who are healthy, safe, smart and strong.
SEVEN CROSS-CUTTING THEMES:  The following cross-cutting themes shall guide all DCF operational units in advancing the mission and strategies of the agency:
  1. implementing strength-based family policy, practice and programs;
  2. applying the neuroscience of early childhood and adolescent development;
  3. expanding trauma-informed practice and culture;
  4. addressing racial inequities in all areas of our practice;
  5. building new community and agency partnerships;
  6. improving leadership, management, supervision and accountability; and
  7. becoming a learning organization.
DCF STRATEGIES:  Informed by the seven cross-cutting themes, DCF shall implement the following strategies to advance the well-being of children and their families in accordance with the DCF mission:
  1. increase investment in prevention, health promotion, early intervention and educational success;
  2. strengthen family-centered practice;
  3. expand regional networks of in-home and community services;
  4. continue congregate care rightsizing and redesign;
  5. address the needs of identified populations of children and families;
  6. increase DCF and community partnerships;
  7. support the public and private sector workforce;
  8. manage ongoing DCF operations and change initiatives; and
  9. improve revenue maximization and develop new investment resources.

Help Me Grow, Orange County, California

Help Me Grow connects children and their families to developmental services to enhance the development, behavior and learning of children birth through five years. By calling the toll free number or using the online link, parents, caregivers, child care providers, early educators and health care providers have a point of access to developmental services for all young children who live in Orange County.

The five program components are:

Making the Connection. Help Me Grow Care Coordinators located at 2-1-1 Orange County with support from Community Liaisons provide intake, triage, referral & connection to developmental services.

Building the Network. Community Liaisons develop ongoing relationships with programs in the community and support the maintenance of an updated resource inventory. Local networking events are held in each region of the county to support in building a developmental services network.

Educating Providers. Team members educate professionals about the importance of developmental surveillance and screening while promoting access to developmental services through Help Me Grow.

Identifying Gaps and Barriers. Data is collected and analyzed to document and identify needs to more effectively connect families to community resources.

Providing opportunities for developmental screening. Developmental screening and monitoring are available by calling the toll free number. Parents and caregivers will be provided with information and connection to developmental screening opportunities in the community. If eligible children can be enrolled in the Help Me Grow Developmental Screening Program.

The Child Health and Development Institute (CHDI)

The Child Health and Development Institute is a catalyst for improving the health, mental health and early care systems for children in Connecticut. We advance and inform improvements in primary and preventive pediatric health and mental health care programs, practice and policy in Connecticut, with particular focus on disadvantaged or underserved children and their families.

Arizona Community Action Association (ACAA)

The Facts:

  • In Arizona, 19% of families are in poverty.
  • 1 of every 4 (24.4%) children in Arizona lives in poverty.
  • One-third of Arizona’s population is classified as working poor – a number that is growing.
  • A minimum wage job in Arizona pays $14,000 a year. The poverty line for a family of three is $18,528.
  • The cost of childcare for two young children in Arizona exceeds $10,000 a year.

What ACAA Does:

  • Arizona Community Action Association promotes self-sufficiency by working with Community Action Agencies statewide to provide a hand up, the tools needed to become self-sufficient.
  • Our members’ services include case management and emergency assistance for food, utilities rent and eviction prevention, emergency shelter, financial assistance, resources, referrals and employment.

Arizona Community Action Association unites communities to end poverty through community based initiatives and solutions. The Arizona Community Action Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit agency created in 1967 to address poverty across Arizona. Through a collaboration of nearly 300 organizations and individuals, ACAA develops and implements strategies to address and ultimately eliminate poverty.

The Children's Forum

Connected and engaged communities supporting children for life-long success.
Mission Statement
Through collaboration, the Forum builds and supports systems to promote positive experiences and outcomes for young children.
…Because Kids Can’t Wait!

Oakland Schools

The Great Start Collaborative-Oakland (GSC-O) is committed to ensuring that all of Oakland County's youngest citizens and their families have access to services.
The Oakland County Parent Coalition provides families with the opportunity to network with other parents and become more involved in learning about and providing feedback on Oakland County services and support for young families.

DC Department of Health

Our responsibilities include identifying health risks; educating the public; preventing and controlling diseases, injuries and exposure to environmental hazards; promoting effective community collaborations; and optimizing equitable access to community resources.

Greenville Health System, Help Me Grow South Carolina

Help Me Grow is a program that links families to existing, community-based resources and services for children at-risk for developmental, behavioral, or learning problems

Gatepath, Watch Me Grow San Mateo

Gatepath’s Watch Me Grow program provides FREE online and in-person developmental screenings to help families of young children to understand their child's unique developmental needs and gives each child the best chance to reach his or her full potential.

Within Reach, Help Me Grow Washington

When families thrive, communities flourish. That’s why, for nearly 30 years, we have broken down barriers and built up communities, one family at a time.
The types of resources families need will change over time. Our commitment to connecting them with resources—whatever those resources may be—will not. Whether it’s online, in-person or over-the-phone, we will make every connection we possibly can for Washington families.

Malaga Cove Capital, LLC

Malaga Cove Capital is a privately owned investment advisory firm established in Southern California. Our firm is an independent portfolio manager engaged solely in investment analysis, and direct, full time investment execution and monitoring of clients’ assets. Client accounts are maintained at Charles Schwab Institutional.