EBP Tracker (Evidence Based Practices)

Data Silo Solutions worked together with the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut (CHDI), with funding through the Department of Children and Families (DCF), to develop the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Tracker. EBP Tracker is a secure online data system used to measure and report on children’s mental health treatment outcomes.

Child Records

EBP Tracker supports clinicians who provide EBPs for children and improves the quality of care children receive. More than 30 agencies and over 300 clinicians currently use EBP Tracker in Connecticut. Information added in EBP Tracker is also shared with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) when applicable.

EBPT Add a Child

Care Coordination

EBP Tracker alerts the Clinician to any items that need attention throughout the cycle of treatment. These alerts ensure that activities are not missed throughout all stages of the treatment model.

EBPT Attention Items

Model Specific Data Collection

EBP Tracker is used to ensure children's evidence-based practices are working as intended by providing model specific data collection. Each model is set up with specific data collection including Intake/Periodic/Discharge, and Group/Child/Caregiver session pages.

EBPT Model Specific Data Collection EBPT Case Assessment Setup

Public Directory

EBP Tracker features a searchable public directory of providers offering selected EBPs. The pubic directory is searchable by model and/or distance.

EBPT Public Directory EBPT Public Directory Map


Ensuring that EBPs are working in real-world settings requires that results are measured and reported, and that clinicians receive feedback about their clients’ progress. EBP Tracker has a large directory of reports that can easily track treatment progress and measurements.

EBPT Reports Menu EBPT Report Example

User Training

EBP Tracker not only provides a secure online data system to measure and report on children’s mental health treatment outcomes, but it also provides a way to track Provider training. This enables CHDI to quickly run reports and track training events, keeping users informed about the training models.

EBPT User Training Call Group EBPT Training Report Example

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