Quality Assurance by Data Silo Solutions

Data Silo Solutions uses proven processes to thoroughly test our solutions to ensure that they perform accurately, can handle anticipated current and future workloads, and meet or exceed the functionality in the specifications. All development projects are divided into deliverables that are assigned and entered into our internal tracking database. Each deliverable is first completed by the developer which prompts quality assurance to test the functionality. Any findings are entered in to the system as testing results which trigger the developer to resolve them. Once resolved, QA is prompted to retest to ensure the issue is truly resolved. Our system ensures that we have a history of issues, their resolutions, and ultimately, results, in a fully functioning and well-tested application. In the event that an error does slip through our quality assurance process, all application errors are immediately sent to our support team to ensure that they are proactively resolved even if a user doesn’t report the error.

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