STAR (System for Tracking Access to Referrals)

The STAR Project was developed for Help Me Grow Orange County and launched in 2009. Since launching in 2009, STAR has grown to 9 sites with 2 new agencies in the development phase and new agencies inquiring consistently. All 11 of these sites are unique and customized for each agency. Data Silo Solutions can quickly deliver an “Out of the Box” system or customize to specific needs and requirements.

STAR is an online tool used to collect data that is often shared with evaluators. STAR enables the easy gathering of data including but not limited to:

  • Child and family demographics
  • Developmental issues and concerns
  • Referrals
  • Care coordination
  • Development screening
  • Outreach and outcomes

The data is used to produce reports on all the great services Help Me Grow agencies are providing to families in the community.


Essentially every aspect of STAR is customizable!

  • Homepage Logos
  • Data Element Fields
  • Referral & Screening Letters
  • Faxes - sent directly from a case file in STAR
  • ASQ Online/Brookes Online
  • Outreach Events
  • API
  • Public Portal
  • User Manager
  • Additional Customization

Client Records

Children in STAR can be entered as an Intake or Inquiry and converted between the two easily as the case develops. Multiple children can be entered under one Intake to follow through the process as a family unit.

STAR Child Info

Care Coordination

Active cases are shown right on the main menu for each user. Ticklers and reminders appear for any tasks that are due, with the option to go to a Client directly from the home page.

STAR Dashboard

Care coordination is logged by type of work performed and the time utilized for each task. Scheduling tasks is easy and assures that that care coordination efforts are efficient.

STAR Care Coordination Log

Multi-Site Module

STAR can be set up as a Singular site system or a Multi-Site module. There is no limit on the number of users and each additional site can be added directly to a “Regional” site at a discounted rate. Multi-Site Modules are a perfect solution for agencies that want to be grouped together and share reporting capabilities.

STAR multi site

Reporting/Data Exports

The reports in STAR allow for reporting of outcomes to key stakeholders and provides valuable data for evaluation purposes. In addition to a wide range of reporting capabilities, STAR can also export data to an Excel spreadsheet.

STAR Reports Menu STAR Report Example

Screening/ASQ Online

Screenings can be entered in STAR or received from ASQ Online with an API. The Screening module enables a Care Coordinator to enter results, document concerns, schedule follow ups and send letters to Providers and/or Caregivers.

STAR Screening


STAR captures details on Outreach events, tracking event categories, participant information and exposures. Outreach event information is also available in reports and data exports.

STAR Outreach


The STAR Referral module enables a Care Coordinator to connect a family to specific Providers based on concerns and distance from the Child’s home. Referrals are easily tracked through the system ensuring that needs are met and follow up is not missed.

STAR Agency Program Referrals


STAR has the capability of generating both Intake and Screening Letters with Client specific information auto-populated to save time. Letters can be printed and even faxed directly to the Caregiver and/or Provider right from the Child’s file.

STAR Letters STAR Screening Letter

Online(Public) Portal

An Online (Public) Portal is an optional feature in STAR. This portal is a separate website that allows the public to make inquiries 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. The information obtained in the Online Portal is transferred into STAR where the Referrals can be converted to a Client record or Rejected if not enough information was provider or the Child is out of service area, etc.

STAR Online(Public) Portal

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