Our Leaders

Jeremy Sutka

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Sutka is the Chief Executive Officer of Data Silo Solutions. Jeremy graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Jeremy continued his study in the Computer Science master’s program at Syracuse University. Jeremy moved on from studies and in to a programming role and was quickly immersed in VB5, VB6, Access, SQL, Oracle, and ASP and was an early adapter of .Net technologies. Jeremy continued adapting .Net and SQL technologies in creating a web-based Expense Reporting system and Data Warehouse working with Cognos, SQL and VB.Net. With over 20 years of experience in building applications Jeremy has continued at Data Silo Solutions to work extensively with customers to develop the best solutions for their needs and build long lasting relationships with the customers he serves. Jeremy uses VB.net, XML, Web Services, AJAX, SQL Server, and Javascript to create, maintain and develop flexible solutions to which customers readily respond. One of his largest projects was the development of a behavioral health data system (PIE) for the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

Erin Sutka

Director of Customer Support

Erin Sutka is the Director of Customer Support for Data Silo Solutions. Erin studied at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Erin’s primary focus of study at that time was education but after relocating to the United States and starting a family, her focus shifted, and she started studying computer science at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. While attending classes Erin also worked as a restaurant manager, this position presented new opportunities in Connecticut, as a customer service manager for a large restaurant chain. Erin learned many aspects of customer service in this position that have provided her with invaluable experience for her current position with Data Silo Solutions. Under Erin’s leadership, Data Silo Solutions incorporated many great ideas for better communications with users into their solutions, including an in-application support request system, a “What’s New” page that provides a conduit of information between the clients and their end users, and a more efficient account request and approval process. Erin understands the needs of the end users and develops solutions to their problems. She also looks for ways to improve the user’s experience in our solutions.

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