Technology Services

Application Development and Consultation

KJMB Solutions application development services start with gaining a true understanding of the short and long term goals of the customer from a business/flow perspective and a technology perspective. It is very important for us to understand the context and flow of the content within our solutions so we can best ensure the applications we develop work for our customers and improve processes. We strive to ensure that our solutions:

  • First and foremost meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Are closely aligned with our client’s organizational goals.
  • Increase efficiencies.
  • Reduce data entry burdens.
  • Provide accurate real time data monitoring and reporting.
  • Add value to the organization/agency.
  • Continue to grow with the organization/agency into the future.

We specialize in developing database applications that provide care coordination, case management, data collection, data integration, reporting (workflow, data analysis, GIS, and graphical), billing, and interfacing with data evaluators conducting studies using statistical packages such as SPSS and SAS.

Quality Assurance

KJMB Solutions uses proven processes to thoroughly test our solutions to ensure that they perform accurately, can handle anticipated current and future workloads, and meet or exceed the functionality in the specifications. All development projects are divided into deliverables that are assigned and entered into our internal tracking database. Each deliverable is first completed by the developer which prompts quality assurance to test the functionality. Any findings are entered in to the system as testing results which trigger the developer to resolve them. Once resolved, QA is prompted to retest to ensure the issue is truly resolved. Our system ensures that we have a history of issues, their resolutions, and ultimately, results, in a fully functioning and well-tested application. In the event that an error does slip through our quality assurance process, all application errors are immediately sent to our support team to ensure that they are proactively resolved even if a user doesn’t report the error.

Customer Support

The Customer Support Department at KJMB Solutions is committed to helping every end user. Users of the applications that we develop and support are able to obtain customer support by using in-application support requests, username and password retrieval links, email-based support, and a toll-free number. Our in-application support requests are the recommended method for most questions because they immediate notify the right person to resolve the problem, who is not always KJMB staff. For example, we have clients who prefer to address data related questions internally, so those tickets are routed directly to program managers, who also have access to our support system. Support is often a partnership between us and our clients. We highly recommend this method so that any issue is quickly resolved.

If you are an existing user, and you simply forgot your username or password, please see the links on the login page of your application so that you can begin accessing the system immediately.

PIE Batch Implementation Consultation & Support

If you are a user of the PIE system in the state of Connecticut and have an existing system in place that collects the data, we can help you eliminate duplicate data entry. As the developer of the PIE system and the interface routine, KJMB Solutions is uniquely qualified to assist your organization in developing a flexible interface to the PIE system. Our PIE interfaces take into account all of the latest capabilities of the system, including web service integration, which is the latest capability of PIE integration.


KJMB Solutions provides secure application and database hosting services to our customers using the latest SSL encryption technology, the same technology used to secure on-line credit card purchases. Our solutions are hosted at Alchemy, a highly secure data center in Irvine, California. Our solutions are monitored 24/7 and all data is backed up off-site.